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Wiacek A, Martin RV, Bourassa AE, Lloyd ND, Degenstein DA.  2013.  Absorbing aerosol radiative effects in the limb-scatter viewing geometry. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 6:2761–2776.
Elash BJ, Bourassa AE, Loewen PR, Lloyd ND, Degenstein DA.  2016.  The Aerosol Limb Imager: acousto-optic imaging of limb-scattered sunlight for stratospheric aerosol profiling. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 9:1261–1277.
Adams C, Bourassa AE, Bathgate AF, McLinden CA, Lloyd ND, Roth CZ, Llewellyn EJ, Zawodny JM, Flittner DE, Manney GL et al..  2013.  Characterization of Odin-OSIRIS ozone profiles with the SAGE II dataset. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 6(5):1447-1459.
Adams C, Bourassa AE, McLinden CA, Sioris CE, von Clarmann T, Funke B, Rieger LA, Degenstein DA.  2016.  Effect of volcanic aerosol on stratospheric NO2 and N2O5 from 2002-2014 as measured by Odin-OSIRIS and Envisat-MIPAS. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics Discussions. 2016:1–28.
Bourassa AE, Degenstein DA, Elash BJ, Llewellyn EJ.  2010.  Evolution of the stratospheric aerosol enhancement following the eruptions of Okmok and Kasatochi: Odin-OSIRIS measurements. Journal of Geophysical Research. 115biblio_coins
Gattinger RL, Egeland A, Bourassa AE, Lloyd ND, Degenstein DA, Stegman J, Llewellyn EJ.  2010.  H Balmer lines in terrestrial aurora: Historical record and new observations by OSIRIS on Odin. Journal of Geophysical Research. 115:A09306.biblio_coins
Zawada DJ, Dueck SR, Rieger LA, Bourassa AE, Lloyd ND, Degenstein DA.  2015.  High-resolution and Monte Carlo additions to the SASKTRAN radiative transfer model. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 8:2609–2623.
Sioris CE, Rieger LA, Lloyd ND, Bourassa AE, Roth CZ, Degenstein DA, Camy-Peyret C, Pfeilsticker K, Berthet G, Catoire V et al..  2017.  Improved OSIRIS NO2 retrieval algorithm: description and validation. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 10:1155–1168.
Degenstein DA, Bourassa AE, Roth CZ, Llewellyn EJ.  2009.  Limb scatter ozone retrieval from 10 to 60 km using a multiplicative algebraic reconstruction technique. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 9:6521–6529.biblio_coins
Adams C, Normand EN, McLinden CA, Bourassa AE, Lloyd ND, Degenstein DA, Krotkov NA, Belmonte Rivas M, Boersma KF, Eskes H.  2016.  Limb–nadir matching using non-coincident NO2 observations: Proof of concept and the OMI-minus-OSIRIS prototype product. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques Discussions. 2016:1–45.
Rieger LA, Bourassa AE, Degenstein DA.  2015.  Merging the OSIRIS and SAGE II stratospheric aerosol records. Journal of Geophysical Research: Atmospheres. 120:8890–8904.
Bourassa AE, Rieger LA, Lloyd ND, Degenstein DA.  2012.  Odin-OSIRIS stratospheric aerosol data product and SAGE III intercomparison. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 12:605–614.
Bourassa AE.  2012.  Precision estimate for Odin-OSIRIS limb scatter retrievals. Journal of Geophysical Research. 117(D4)
Bourassa AE, Degenstein DA, Llewellyn EJ.  2008.  Retrieval of stratospheric aerosol size information from OSIRIS limb scattered sunlight spectra. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 8:6375–6380.biblio_coins
Wiensz JT, Degenstein DA, Lloyd ND, Bourassa AE.  2013.  Retrieval of subvisual cirrus cloud optical thickness from limb-scatter measurements. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 6:105–119.
Bourassa AE, Degenstein DA, Llewellyn EJ.  2008.  SASKTRAN: A spherical geometry radiative transfer code for efficient estimation of limb scattered sunlight. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy and Radiative Transfer. 109:52–73.biblio_coins
Taha G, Rault DF, Loughman RP, Bourassa AE, von Savigny C.  2011.  SCIAMACHY stratospheric aerosol extinction profile retrieval using the OMPS/LP algorithm. Atmospheric Measurement Techniques. 4(3):547-556.
Adams C, Strong K, Zhao X, Bourassa AE, Daffer WH, Degenstein D, Drummond JR, Farahani EE, Fraser A, Lloyd ND et al..  2013.  The spring 2011 final stratospheric warming above Eureka: anomalous dynamics and chemistry. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 13:611–624.
McLinden CA, Bourassa AE.  2010.  A systematic error in plane-parallel radiative transfer calculations. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. 67:1695–1699.biblio_coins
Sioris CE, McLinden CA, Fioletov VE, Adams C, Zawodny JM, Bourassa AE, Roth CZ, Degenstein DA.  2014.  Trend and variability in ozone in the tropical lower stratosphere over 2.5 solar cycles observed by SAGE II and OSIRIS. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 14:3479–3496.
Bourassa AE, Degenstein DA, Randel WJ, Zawodny JM, Kyrölä E, McLinden CA, Sioris CE, Roth CZ.  2014.  Trends in stratospheric ozone derived from merged SAGE II and Odin-OSIRIS satellite observations. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 14:6983–6994.
Dupuy E, Walker KA, Kar J, Boone CD, Mc Elroy CT, Bernath PF, Drummond JR, Skelton R, McLeod SD, Hughes RC et al..  2009.  Validation of ozone measurements from the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment (ACE). Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 9:287–343.biblio_coins