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McLinden C  A, Fioletov V  E, Haley C  S, Lloyd N, Roth C, Degenstein D, Bourassa A, McElroy C  T, Llewellyn E  J.  2007.  An evaluation of Odin/OSIRIS limb pointing and stratospheric ozonethrough comparisons with ozonesondes. Canadian Journal of Physics. 85:1125-1141.biblio_coins
Degenstein D  A, Bourassa A  E, Llewellyn E  J, Lloyd N  D.  2007.  The impact of sea-glint upon limb radiance. Canadian Journal of Physics. 85:1159-1176.biblio_coins
Gattinger R  L, Boone C  D, Walker K  A, Degenstein D  A, Lloyd N  D, Bernath P  F, Llewellyn E  J.  2007.  OSIRIS observations of OH A(2)Sigma+-X-2 Pi 308 nm solar resonance fluorescence at sunrise in the upper mesosphere. Canadian Journal of Physics. 85:131-142.biblio_coins
Petelina S  V, Llewellyn E  J, Degenstein D  A.  2007.  Properties of polar mesospheric clouds measured by Odin/OSIRIS inthe northern hemisphere in 2002-2005. Canadian Journal of Physics. 85:1143-1158.biblio_coins
Gumbel J, Fan Z  Y, Waldemarsson T, Stegman J, Witt G, Llewellyn E  J, She {C-Y }, Plane J  M  C.  2007.  Retrieval of global mesospheric sodium densities from the Odin satellite. Geophysical Research Letters. 34:4813-+.biblio_coins
Roth C  Z, Degenstein D  A, Bourassa A  E, Llewellyn E  J.  2007.  The retrieval of vertical profiles of the ozone number density using Chappuis band absorption information and a multiplicative algebraic reconstruction technique. Canadian Journal of Physics. 85:1225-1243.biblio_coins
Bourassa A  E, Degenstein D  A, Gattinger R  L, Llewellyn E  J.  2007.  Stratospheric aerosol retrieval with optical spectrograph and infrared imaging system limb scatter measurements. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres). 112:10217-+.biblio_coins
Brohede S  M, Haley C  S, McLinden C  A, Sioris C  E, Murtagh D  P, Petelina S  V, Llewellyn E  J, Bazureau A, Goutail F, Randall C  E et al..  2007.  Validation of Odin/OSIRIS stratospheric NO2 profiles. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres). 112:7310-+.biblio_coins
Sioris C  E, McLinden C  A, Martin R  V, Sauvage B, Haley C  S, Lloyd N  D, Llewellyn E  J, Bernath P  F, Boone C  D, Brohede S et al..  2007.  Vertical profiles of lightning-produced NO2 enhancements in the upper troposphere observed by OSIRIS. Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics Discussions. 7:5013-5051.biblio_coins