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Evans WFJ, Gattinger RL, Slanger TG, Saran DV, Degenstein DA, Llewellyn EJ.  2010.  Discovery of the FeO orange bands in the terrestrial night airglow spectrum obtained with OSIRIS on the Odin spacecraft. Geophysical Research Letters. 37(22)
Bourassa AE, Degenstein DA, Elash BJ, Llewellyn EJ.  2010.  Evolution of the stratospheric aerosol enhancement following the eruptions of Okmok and Kasatochi: Odin-OSIRIS measurements. Journal of Geophysical Research. 115biblio_coins
Gattinger RL, Egeland A, Bourassa AE, Lloyd ND, Degenstein DA, Stegman J, Llewellyn EJ.  2010.  H Balmer lines in terrestrial aurora: Historical record and new observations by OSIRIS on Odin. Journal of Geophysical Research. 115:A09306.biblio_coins
Kravitz B, Robock A, Bourassa A.  2010.  Negligible climatic effects from the 2008 Okmok and Kasatochi volcanic eruptions. Journal of Geophysical Research. 115
Gattinger RL, McDade IC, Suzán ALA, Boone CD, Walker KA, Bernath PF, Evans WFJ, Degenstein DA, Yee JH, Sheese P et al..  2010.  NO2 air afterglow and O and NO densities from Odin-OSIRIS night and ACE-FTS sunset observations in the Antarctic MLT region. Journal of Geophysical Research. 115:D12301.biblio_coins
Haywood J  M, Jones A, Clarisse L, Bourassa A, Barnes J, Telford P, Bellouin N, Boucher O, Agnew P, Clerbaux C et al..  2010.  Observations of the eruption of the Sarychev volcano and simulations using the HadGEM2 climate model. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres). 115:21212.
McLinden C  A, Haley C  S, Lloyd N  D, Hendrick F, Rozanov A, Sinnhuber B-M, Goutail F, Degenstein D  A, Llewellyn E  J, Sioris C  E et al..  2010.  Odin/OSIRIS observations of stratospheric BrO: Retrieval methodology, climatology, and inferred Br_y. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres). 115:15308.
Gattinger RL, Vallance Jones A, Degenstein DA, Llewellyn EJ.  2010.  Quantitative spectroscopy of the aurora. VI. The auroral spectrum from 275 to 815 nm observed by the OSIRIS spectrograph on board the Odin spacecraft. Canadian Journal of Physics. 88:559–567.biblio_coins
McLinden CA, Bourassa AE.  2010.  A systematic error in plane-parallel radiative transfer calculations. Journal of the Atmospheric Sciences. 67:1695–1699.biblio_coins
Sheese P  E, Llewellyn E  J, Gattinger R  L, Bourassa A  E, Degenstein D  A, Lloyd N  D, McDade I  C.  2010.  Temperatures in the upper mesosphere and lower thermosphere from OSIRIS observations of O2A-band emission spectra. Canadian Journal of Physics. 88:919-925.
Hultgren K, Gumbel J, Degenstein D  A, Bourassa A  E, Lloyd N  D.  2010.  Tomographic Studies of Noctilucent Clouds. AGU Fall Meeting Abstracts. :A1761.
Jones A, Urban J, Murtagh DP, Eriksson P, Brohede S, Haley C, Degenstein D, Bourassa A, von Savigny C, Sonkaew T et al..  2009.  Evolution of stratospheric ozone and water vapour time series studied with satellite measurements. Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics Discussions. 9:1157–1209.biblio_coins
Zasetsky A  Y, Petelina S  V, Remorov R, Boone C  D, Bernath P  F, Llewellyn E  J.  2009.  Ice particle growth in the polar summer mesosphere: Formation time and equilibrium size. Geophysical Research Letters. 36:15803-+.biblio_coins
Degenstein DA, Bourassa AE, Roth CZ, Llewellyn EJ.  2009.  Limb scatter ozone retrieval from 10 to 60 km using a multiplicative algebraic reconstruction technique. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 9:6521–6529.biblio_coins
Gattinger R  L, Lloyd N  D, Bourassa A  E, Degenstein D  A, McDade I  C, Llewellyn E  J.  2009.  Observation of the 557.7 nm to 297.2 nm brightness ratio in the auroral spectrum with OSIRIS on Odin. Canadian Journal of Physics. 87:1133-1137.biblio_coins
Gattinger R  L, Evans W  F  J, McDade I  C, Degenstein D  A, Llewellyn E  J.  2009.  Observation of the chemiluminescent NO + O {\rarr} NO_{2} + h{$ν$} reaction in the upper mesospheric dark polar regions by OSIRIS on Odin. Canadian Journal of Physics. 87:925-932.biblio_coins
Dupuy E, Walker KA, Kar J, Boone CD, Mc Elroy CT, Bernath PF, Drummond JR, Skelton R, McLeod SD, Hughes RC et al..  2009.  Validation of ozone measurements from the Atmospheric Chemistry Experiment (ACE). Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 9:287–343.biblio_coins
Vanhellemont F, Tetard C, Bourassa A, Fromm M, Dodion J, Fussen D, Brogniez C, Degenstein D, Gilbert KL, Turnbull DN et al..  2008.  Aerosol extinction profiles at 525 nm and 1020 nm derived from ACE imager data: comparisons with GOMOS, SAGE II, SAGE III, POAM III, and OSIRIS. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 8:2027–2037.biblio_coins
Stevens M  H, Gattinger R  L, Gumbel J, Llewellyn E  J, Degenstein D  A, Khaplanov M, Witt G.  2008.  First UV satellite observations of mesospheric water vapor. Journal of Geophysical Research (Atmospheres). 113:12304-+.biblio_coins
Rohen G  J, Savigny C  V, Kaiser J  W, Llewellyn E  J, Froidevaux L, López-Puertas M, Steck T, Palm M, Winkler H, Sinnhuber M et al..  2008.  Ozone profile retrieval from limb scatter measurements in the HARTLEY bands: further retrieval details and profile comparisons. Atmospheric Chemistry & Physics. 8:2509-2517.biblio_coins
Bourassa AE, Degenstein DA, Llewellyn EJ.  2008.  Retrieval of stratospheric aerosol size information from OSIRIS limb scattered sunlight spectra. Atmospheric Chemistry and Physics. 8:6375–6380.biblio_coins
Bourassa A  E, Degenstein D  A, Llewellyn E  J.  2008.  SASKTRAN: A spherical geometry radiative transfer code for efficient estimation of limb scattered sunlight. Journal of Quantitative Spectroscopy & Radiative Transfer. 109:52-73.biblio_coins