OSIRIS Level 2 Data: O3, NO2 Aerosols

The OSIRIS Level 2 data are available at our FTP server but require a username and password that are issued by ESA.  ESA wil happily give you the login information, free of charge and obligation, once you have completed a registration form (see details) outlining your area of research etc.  ESA keeps track of the number of registered users and uses this information to justify continued funding of the Odin mission. ESA funds the Odin satellite as a 3rd party mission, about 1 million euros per year, and they ask that all data users be registered with them. Unfortunately the process uses a standard form for all 3rd party missions which, by itself is harmless except they ask questions that unsettle many people. We guarantee that as an Odin-OSIRIS data user, you are not required to provide any yearly reports of any kind to ESA even though the application forms asks you to agree to this. After your application is submitted to ESA they will send you details about how to log into our server:

ftp to odin-osiris.usask.ca
username : osirislevel2user
password: hugin

cd level2/daily

Then download the files.  Data are stored by year and month. They are stored in hdfeos5 format. We have information of how to read the files. Brief details about our data products are listed in http://odin-osiris.usask.ca/sites/default/files/media/pdf/l2dataformat.pdf

If you need further assistance you can email the Odin-Osiris team for help.

 We ask that all studies and publications with the data be done in contact with the OSIRIS Principal Investigator or Co-Investigator,
 email: doug.degenstein@usask.ca and/or adam.bourassa@usask.ca


Data for the publication: "Merging The OSIRIS and SAGE II Stratospheric aerosols records". 

Rieger, L. A.A. E. Bourassa, and D. A. Degenstein (2015), Merging the OSIRIS and SAGE II stratospheric aerosol recordsJ. Geophys. Res. Atmos.12088908904, doi:10.1002/2015JD023133.

You can download the two HDF5 files described in the supplemental section of the paper Merging The OSIRIS and SAGE II Stratospheric aerosols record.

  1. OSIRIS_Extinction_750nm.h5
  2. SAGE_II_OSIRIS_Extinction_525.h5


Rieger et al. 2015. submitted