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The in the OSIRIS MART retrieval software a C++ class called MART_OSIRISLevel2 acts as the main driver of events.  Given a set of initial conditions (such as a specific OSIRIS scan and the desired output species) this class sets up the system and coordinates the operations necessary for the retrieval.  To carry out the precision retrievals two new functions were added called ErrorAnalysis_HybridAerosol and ErrorAnalysis_O3.  This level of the program handles the OSIRIS-specific operations such as obtaining the necessary OSIRIS Level 1 data.

When these functions are called they obtain critical information from other components of the program (species profile, observed radiance, and uncertainty in observed radiance) and call MARTRetrieval::RetrieveError.  The MARTRetrieval class uses this information to perform the precision retrieval that is outlined in previous pages.  This level of the program is designed to operate independant of the source of the input data.  This means that the RetrieveError function could be easily applied to other similar problems regardless of the source of the data.

To completely retrieve ozone and aerosol along with their precisions the following parameters are retrieved in this order:

  1. NO2
  2. Albedo
  3. Aerosol
  4. Albedo
  5. Aerosol
  6. Aerosol Precision
  7. O3
  8. O3 Precision