Dec 9, 2015

SasktranIF version 4.0.0 and Osiris Level 1 services 2.48 are installed on Westgrid for anaconda python (3.5) users.  The system makes use of existing Westgrid software packages which users must load and configure in their login script (eg .bash_profile).  This can be done by placing,

source /global/scratch/wg-skarg/stable/load_buildmodules

into your login script. Failure to execute this script will result in the sasktranif and osl1 python packages failing to load dynamically shareable objects. The Python 3.5 packages can be installed into Anaconda python using,


The SasktranIF and OsirisLevel1Services code are built in /home/ndl303/software by running script


Only Nick or Chris should be doing this, it takes about 45 minutes for a full build! Edit file buildstablemodules as needs and paths require.