Configuring Visual Studio 2015

We have some instructions for configuring Visual Studio 2015


The SasktranIF installation files are availabe from this page


Osiris Level 1 Services

The Osiris Level 1 Services installation files are available from this page


MicroCATS download

  • MicroCATS Installation instructions (PDF)
  • MicroCATS Windows X64 Installation package. (Please contact us for a link to MicroCATSInstallation_2015-05-20.msi )


Pratmo Box Model download, Version 1.2.2, October 13, 2015

Please install the SasktranIF package (version 3.3.0) before installing the pratmo box model



The preflight showapi software (version 0.3.3) for the SHOW ER2 2017 flight campaign. You can also view the current showapi documentation 


GRIB-API Definitions and Samples installation

If you plan to use the ECMWF ERA-Interim on Windows with GRIB I/O options you will need to install the GRIB API definitions and samples.  Linux users will need to build and install the grib-api from the ECMWF website.



We develop quite a bit of software within ARG at the University Of Saskatchewan. You are welcome to browse the online documentation we generate using doxygen.